November 18, 2017

Well the secret culprit

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If there was a museum of neurotics, Tomáš Š. in it he had as one of the typical patients a guaranteed pride of place. I was about to celebrate their one fiftieth, when his stomach checked for the first time. Mr. W. however, his misbehaving explained as a symptom of aging. With the autumn, however, the bowel joined by heart: at times, as if rolling. It has already forced mr. W., in order to let the view. The practitioner, however, no particular harm to the health of the patient, whom he saw once a year in the flu epidemic, did not appear. Trouble yet waxed. Mr. W. he had, however, luck: on abiturientském party about their troubles mentioned another doctor, a former classmate. He promptly teamed up the past forever ztrémovaného student with his current undisguised worry about it, whether in the enterprise, in which two dozens of years working, get the retirement, and sent him to a colleague psychiatrist. Properly made.

Without prejudice

“Unconscious conflicts will result often in somatic disorders: someone, hurting stomach, another has a cardiac or urinary trouble,” notes dr. of Diamonds. “Unfortunately, not always the doctors reveal that their cause is psychological, and the patient’s long, but unnecessarily treats conventional medications, among which are lacking you, which would give him at least a little relieved – namely, medicines, mitigation despresi and anxiety.”

One of the active forms of assistance represent the crisis and psychotherapeutic centre together with the surgeries of psychiatrists and psychologists, where doctors may engage in the symptoms of the disease, but mainly trying to solve the cause of the woes. To help you to take group and individual psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, or cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. Their goal is one: to help the patient find a way to solve his conflicts.

“Still, however, there are many those who are terrified of the reaction area in the case, if ruptured, it is treated in the psych ward,” notes the doctor. “People with psychiatry and psychotherapy have done a good experience, however, has been growing constantly.”

A neurotic is a person with leaky shoes, which will release a lot of energy on it, to get wet socks, instead went to buy new shoes Neurosis

Neurosis and its comprehensive therapy

You will certainly surprise you, that you with my neurosis got on the website of the Center controlled starvation, that seemingly can’t have anything to do. But the opposite is true. You will see that in us, we can very effectively help. As further in the article, you will learn successful coping with the neurosis is not just a matter of clinical psychology, but a comprehensive approach is needed. This means that it is necessary to simultaneously address the nutrition and lifestyle of the client at all. Even those greatly affect the condition of the nerves and the nervous system. This comprehensive procedure very successfully applied in the German clinics natural medicine.

Important: remediation methods that we use, they bring benefit to anyone who uses them. The overall recovery of the organism occurs always. It’s not the pill. You have nothing to lose, only gain. And it is definitely worth a little bit of invested time and money into your recovery you put.

Our clinical psychologist is in addition to their main profession at the same time in Germany by a medical board certified specialist in a full-fledged nutrition and healing fasting. Specialists with this expertise in the CZECH republic too is not, perhaps it is even the only one. A broader professional scope and practice allows her to deploy the full range of methods that will not only allow you to successfully cope with the neurosis, but at the same time, under our leadership, overall ozdravíte. You are just at the consultation, according to our guidelines all then you are in the comfort of your own home.

Neurosis is a walking detour

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What you from such a neurotic would like to… you know, neurotic… Stresshead one! Similar statements belong to the current register of domestic communication. Who but the neurotic anyway? Is it a neighbor, which after one hundred twenty parking at your place, or you, because it bothers you to insanity and you are not able to make a deal with him?

A pinch of history

A psychiatrist willing to clearly define neurotic in as little as a single, albeit rozvité sentence, could do it like this: Each person can make a mistake, can it happen again, if it but will do thirty times, then it is neurotic.

Or he might say: Neurotic elaborately bypasses the problem, instead it just solved. And this is also the reason, why is mental illness entitled neurosis for the patient and his surroundings of the complex, and therefore debilitating walking after the strange winding road.

If it is still quite difficult to define the concept of neurosis simply, then maybe because the name itself is nonsense. The Latin word neurosis means inflammation of the nerve, so exactly, what in this case it is not. This mistake originated in the deep past, when doctors believed that the symptoms of this mental disease has on the conscience of the organic damage to the nerve. Although since the last century it is clear that the problems causing the malfunction of the functional, the name of the diagnosis remained unchanged. But one thing is certain: neurosis revealed even by the blood test, or x-ray picture, only the psychiatric and psychological examination, to which his discovery of the unconscious has contributed greatly Sigmund Freud.

For the cause of neuroses marked unaware of the conflict that people are hiding deep down in your heart. All.

The collision need to be addressed

Unconscious conflicts, ride on the surface of the influence of adverse external situation, the pressure or overload, causing people great and unpleasant anxiety. This is why it is their solution necessary.

“For example, your unaware of the conflict in relation to the mother must solve, because in order to be able to ripen. You cannot be a child in fifty years, we ourselves have become parents,” notes Dana Diamonds, psychiatrist to the prague Daily sanatorium Upper Palata.

The organism will try to help the defense mechanisms with the massive anxiety deal, expended energy, however, unfortunately, turns into symptoms of neurosis. So is born to be numerous phobias, which can have the person scared of anything: spiders, tight spaces, people… Just so I include obsessive compulsiveness that accompany the tedious rituals. One of the patients of dr. Diamonds chasing the feeling of the dirt so hard that she spent up to eight hours a day in the bath, which, of course, impossible to lead a normal life. Equally can be the neurosis of the hysterical, to the most feared disabilities belong to the lighter or moderate form of depression.