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Controversial alcohol role of sexuality in small quantities Casanova could be positive, because it relieves inhibitions and a stimulant effect, larger in quantity and in the long term, however, potency disturbances caused.It is generally admitted that the consumption of alcohol has beneficial effects on the sexual life: a glass or two ” relax, break the tension, “flip”, in a good mood.

Casanova works for male potency ?

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This is occasionally, small amounts of good quality flooring that might be true. However, there is good cause some disharmony was to assume, if sex is “no way”, just alcohol condition. The alcoholics and often struggle with very severe sexual problems, libido decrease, men erectile dysfunction.
The erection is a complex process

The sexual connection necessary to the erection of the Casanova neurological, psychological, hormonal and vascular operation within a complex aktiven zhivot interplay of the wake created. The process is particularly important for the vascular system condition. Sexual excitement will cause the penis cavernous body of arteries to relax thus increasing the diameter, allowing the increased volume of blood flow; this is the erection is created. In this case, the veins are mechanically pushed together, so that the blood does not flow out of the penis rigidity is maintained Casanova.The alcohol of the erection enemy

The alcohol many times over the potency, the erection of enemy. Weakens the gametes, reduces the sperm viability and spoil the relationship of the brain, the spinal erection centre and the genitals. As a result, the blood less hormone, in addition to the excessive consumption of alcohol Casanova decreases the male sex hormones production.

The alcohol in the blood vessel so that the penis artery has a state of ruin. The same vasodilator effect, however, this does not help with the blood influx at because it also reduces the artery walls elasticity.
The physical symptoms along with the excessive consumption of alcohol are other ways to destroy your sex life, because how can a desirable partner in a liquor, bad smell, not quite sane, unattractive condition in the loving.

The process itself reinforces: the alcoholic Casanova has impaired the sexual performance of this new reason to find the drink that makes the condition continues to worsen, the social isolation of woman. In , more than half a million men affect the potency of disorder. The potency of disturbance term is a much broader concept than impotence. The first comic because it is part of the temporary or periodic impotence Casanova, partial erection and premature ejaculation.

To say that the erection problem as old as mankind itself. Always existing problem. Someone, just once going through life that didn’t turn out the sexual intercourse of the way he had planned, and years of the problem. Recovery been try. In 1982, a French urologist on the penis performed during surgery administered to the penis of a drug. Much to everyone’s surprise Casanova, a powerful erection the put to sleep patients. The case is a bomb. Doctors, dozens began to experiment with the drug.

Casanova how fast results can be expected after use ?

Casanova how fast results can be expected after use ?The majority of Casanova people think that a drug will be swallowed everything will be solved. A lot of medication swallowed and straight soar your sex life. The american journal of other cases were communicated to accounts, when healthy, potency disorders not fighting men group sex and various sex orgies during the overdose of the medicine, as a result of which then several days of a painful erection was part of them. Somehow Casanova they ignore the men that the drugs by a specialist for consultation after the may collect.

In the last five years, placed a prostaglandin content of injectable preparations, of which only rarely cause side effects, but the psychological, the Casanova disorder and the minor vérellátási disorder due to an erection problem cure becomes available by them. And let us not forget the last year’s sensation of which has revolutionized the potency disorders of the treatment. There was a time when celery root chewing, mortar grind the ash beetle kitinpán purpose. But those days are gone. Today, it is not a dream but a reality, that the men they wanted: a simple, oral medication, with few Casanova side effects and high efficiency.

The potency of disorder are multiple reasons can stand in the background. Usually some sort of organic reason can be traced back, and often severe concomitant diseases are consequences, such as heart – and vascular diseases (hypertension, diabetes) But it can trigger Casanova some medications side effects or male menopause, smoking, being overweight, alcohol consumption. However, most of the psychological state weight: depression, relationship problems, stress, anxiety, performance pressure. The potency of disorder resulting from problems often lead to relationship problems to, and often one can’t tell which one was first. Time imposed in the mood for such a problem, spoil the man’s self-esteem, frustration, despair. Often the partner blames Casanova himself. The potency of disorder with a complex task: not only the physical, but also spiritual healing is also a big emphasis should be placed on.

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